• Tax Planning
  • Audits (IRS, FTB, SBE, EDD)
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Opinions
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • United States Tax Court

An important component of tax consulting services is the consideration of innovative tax planning opportunities consistent with the client's overall business and personal plans.
Our tax experts have the capabilities to provide a wide range of services. We assist during the audit of returns by federal and state tax authorities and further appeals through the courts, if necessary. Our expertise in working with a variety of businesses allows us to provide tax saving suggestions and strategies consistent with your business and personal goals. Our staff size permits us to respond quickly, including the preparation of tax returns on a timely basis.

We recognize and excel at coordinating business and personal tax planning. We can provide superior quality service and responsive tax advice to assist you. In addition, CPA & Law Offices has resources available to benefit our clients whatever their needs.


Optimal Planning and Administration of your assets:
We provide a wide range of services and expertise to assist clients in all aspects of trust and estate planning-including the design, implementation, and ongoing administration of individualized plans aimed at minimizing the impact of gift, estate, and generation-skipping taxes. These plans often incorporate sophisticated strategies to achieve asset protection, business succession, charitable giving, wealth transfer, and wealth preservation goals.
Estate planning is a process. It involves people-your family, other individuals and often charitable organizations of your choice. It also involves your assets and the various forms of ownership and title that those assets may take. And it addresses your future needs, in case you ever become unable to care for yourself.

  • Wills, Trusts
  • Probate

Sophisticated Estate Planning:

  • Gifting, Trusts, Dynasty Trusts
  • GRAT's, SCIN's, QPRT's


  • Business, Planning, & Transactions
  • Legal Opinions
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Management Analysis
  • Legal Transactions

We actively encourage the use of preventive law techniques to avoid the pitfalls currently affecting business and personal activities. We are committed to helping clients prevent problems, reduce risks, and overcome obstacles. Whether you are a growing business, and international corporation or an individual, you need a firm that can develop and achieve solutions for your legal requirements.
CPA & Law Offices takes the traditional law firm structure to the next level by implementing an organized team approach to client representation. Our expertise in identifying and coordinating the needs of each client enables us to provide the best possible service without compromising future business or personal goals. Our structure allows clients to work closely with attorneys in protecting assets through tax advantaged estate planning, trusts, family limited partnerships and other strategies.